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Sentinels Part 1 Launch

The first half of the series is being released every Wednesday through May until the initial 6 have been auctioned. 
Part 2, will be release in person and in our whitesands virtual gallery during NFT.NYC. Will also be a secret reveal or something epic on the 24th of June during out final private gallery event. 

....lots of surprises, lots of utility. 



Clouds are a form of meditation on existence, life, humanity, motion & light. They are a surreal vessel of thought and metaphor. Ever-changing travelers in the ether of space time. I find myself entranced by them and lost in their turbulence, yet simultaneously seeking to intertwine my existence in their forms. They are me, and yet they are nothing. Known and beloved friends, yet simultaneously untouchable strangers. The world they travel through is both a setting and a purpose: dreams yet to be had and dreams to be remembered.

... welcome to my level up. ^

Film Work

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