"SENTINELS by Matt Wilson" June 21-24, Caelum Gallery, 526 W 26th. The series of 12 surreal cloudscapes pushes computing technology to create fully 3d, hyper-real environments in which the clouds transform, becoming actors on the stage of key moments in the artist's life. Ranging from personal loss and self-image to the struggle of emerging out of COVID, the series addresses a deep meditation on the past years. His professional cloudscape work can be seen in the upcoming release of Pixar's "Lightyear" due out in theaters in June. The works will be available on-site for purchase as framed originals paired with ownership of their digital NFT.

Recent News

Sentinels Part 1 Launch

The first half of the series is being released every Wednesday through May until the initial 6 have been auctioned. 
Part 2, will be release in person and in our whitesands virtual gallery during NFT.NYC. Will also be a secret reveal or something epic on the 24th of June during out final private gallery event. 

....lots of surprises, lots of utility. 



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